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Dr. Hollyee Wei
+86 13340119707
Ziyang Road No. 99, Nanchang City, People’s Republic of China.
Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture.
Founder of the Geodesign Centre for Plant, Environment and Humans.
Joined Jiangxi Normal University 1th Jul. 2016.
Newcastle University (UK)
Visiting Researcher, Landscape Architecture/2016
Wuhan University
    Ph.D, Landscape Architecture/2016
Huazhong Agricultural University
    MSc, Ecology/2010
Henan University of Science and Technology
    Landscape architecture/2005
Areas of expertise
  • Landscape Strategies for Urban Thermal Radiation
  • Intelligent Selection and Optimization for Landscape Plants
  • Design and Development of Decision-making Support Systems based on GIS and MATLAB
  • Landscape Planning Methods based on Digital Technology
  • Geodesign
  • Smart City
  • Urban plant selection and configuration for sustainability
  • Wei, H., Huang, Z., Liu, X., et al. British Green Infrastructure Planning and Its Strategic Significance: The Case of Newcastle Gateshead Strategy Planning[J]. Journal of Jiangxi Normal University, 2018, 42(2):179-186. (In Chinese)
  • Wei, H., Huang, Z., Lin, M. A Decision Support System for Plant Optimization in Urban Areas with Diversified Solar Radiation[J]. Sustainability, 2017, 9(2):215.
  • Wei Heyi, Huang Zhengdong, Yang Heping. Comparative Study between the Landscape Planning and Landscape Design from the Perspective of Digital Technology. Journal of Wuhan University of Technology (Social Science Edition). 2016, (06): 1054-1059. (In Chinese)
  • Wei, H., Huang, Z. From experience-oriented to quantity-based: A method for landscape plant selection and configuration in urban built-up areas. Journal of Sustainable Forestry, 2015(7): 698-719.
  • Wei Heyi, Huang Zhengdong, Yang Heping. Landscape plant selection and configuration based on light factor analysis using GIS. Journal of landscape architecture, 2015(6): 60-67. (In Chinese)
  • Wei Heyi, Huang Zhengdong. Theory, requirements and technology realization for landscape planning and design and the perspective of geodesign. Journal of landscape architecture, 2014(4): 53-57. (In Chinese)
  • Wei Heyi, Huang Zhengdong. A discussion on the landscape architecture research trends in the USA based on the analysis of the ASLA annual meeting topics. Chinese Landscape Architecture, 2014(3): 91-95. (In Chinese)
  • Wei, H., Chen, X. A decision support method for urban plant selection based on the habits of sunshine requirement. Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture (CELA), 2017, Beijing: Tsinghua University, Peking University, and Beijing Forestry University. (Oral presentation)
  • Wei, H. A decision method for urban plant selection and community optimization based on the sunshine requirements. Urban and rural planning academic forum by five school joint, 2016, Wuhan: Wuhan University. (Oral presentation)
  • Wei, H. A discussion on the landscape architecture research trends in the USA based on the analysis of the ASLA annual meeting topics. Doctoral academic conference from Middle East Technical University (METU, Turkey), 2014, Wuhan: Wuhan University. ( Oral presentation)
  • Wei, H. Study on new trends in American LA from the ASLA annual meeting. Doctoral forum for China’s first national landscape architecture. 2013, Tianjin: Tianjin University. (Oral presentation)
Funds and Projects
National funds
  • A Method for Urban Plant Selection and Community Optimization based on Sunshine Requirements: Application of a Case Study in the Hot-summer and Cold-winter Zone. Project No. 31860233 (400, 000 RMB). PI.
  • Research on Urban Land Flood Disaster Risk based on Planning Data. Project No. 51579182 (630, 000 RMB). Participant.
Provincial funds
  • UP-DSS: A Decision Support System for Urban Plant Selection and Optimization. Project No. GJJ160342 (20, 000 RMB). PI.
School funds
  • Young Talent Project (2017). Total project funding 90, 000 RMB. PI.
International funds
  • Planning, Urban Management and Heritage (PUMAH). Project No. EU-FP7-PEOPLE-2011-IRSES (470, 000 EUR). Participant.
Teaching contents
  • Urban Ecology for the College of City Construction, bilingual teaching (Chinese/English).
  • Computer English for the School of Software, bilingual teaching (Chinese/English).


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